How was MindWell developed?

A Leeds-based NHS funded, digital health project called mhabitat facilitated development of MindWell. It was built by a digital agency based in Sheffield called Yoomee and all the content is written and produced for the site by a content manager based at Volition, a forum of organisations in Leeds that support people's mental health in the city and is part of Forum Central.

MindWell was created in collaboration with people across the city in order to produce a resource which reflects the needs of the people who are now using it.

Images of some the creative workshops which helped to guide how the site was built.

Members of the public, service users and carers together with people working in mental health services, in adult social care, in the third sector, libraries and businesses have all been involved in this 'co-creation' process.

Open workshops were held by Yoomee, at each stage of site development - to create a map of the site's content, discuss branding, produce 'personas' to represent the different types of potential users and develop an appropriate tone of voice.

The producers of the site also reviewed research, sent out surveys, talked about the project at city engagement events, conducted extensive user testing with a wide range of potential website users and met with individuals and groups across the city to understand their needs for the new site.

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