Celebrate World Mental Health Day with MindWell

MindWell is one year old on this year's World Mental Health Day (WMHD) - Tuesday 10 October 2017. The theme this year is wellbeing at work and there are lots of ways you can get involved.

Join us in Leeds Market

We will be hosting a stall and wellbeing space in Leeds Kirkgate Market (food stall hall), Tuesday 10 October, 10am-4pm. Come and find out more about MindWell and explore different ways of improving your wellbeing at work. Phoenix Health and Wellbeing will be offering free chair massages between 12-2pm (first come, first served). We will also be joined by Jamie's Ministry of Food - come and get some ideas for healthy snacks and food that will improve your mood.

You can also find out about WMHD events happening across the city on the Forum Central website.

#MindWellatwork Twitter campaign

MindWell has launched its first Twitter campaign which will run until Stress Awareness Day on 1 November. Please follow this campaign for tips and information about improving your wellbeing at work.

We would also like you to Tweet:

  • Please share with us different things that have helped you to stay #MindWellatwork.
  • Or, get inspired, and make a pledge to make a few small changes which will help you have a better day at work. Download this resource 'Ten strategies for coping with stress at work' to get some ideas. For example: I am going 2 start a routine 2 help me sleep better, cut back on caffeine & take more regular breaks fr my laptop #MindWellatwork #WMHD17

Tweets from employers and work teams are also encouraged - we would love to hear about what things have helped in your workplace to improve staff wellbeing. We are currently developing information and resources for employers in the Professionals section.

You can follow us at Twitter @MindWellLeeds - please tweet us with the hashtag #MindWellatwork (the hashtag for WMHD is #WMHD17).

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