MindWell works with Healthwatch Leeds to launch new crisis resource

MindWell, has teamed up with Healthwatch Leeds to create an important new resource which will make it easier for people in crisis to find the right help. The award winning website is commissioned by NHS Leeds Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), as a 'go to' place for mental health information in the city.

HealthWatch Leeds' report into mental health crisis services, published in July this year, revealed that almost half of people surveyed would not know where to go for support if experiencing or supporting someone in crisis for the first time.

The new information source will go live at www.mindwell-leeds.org.uk/help on 10 October, World Mental Health Day and is simple, user-friendly and designed around people's experiences of crisis. It will help guide someone in crisis through the different kinds of support available including help from the NHS, telephone helplines and places you can go for support. It can be downloaded to your phone or printed off and used as a poster or handout which can be shared with patients or people who use services aged 18 and over. MindWell and Healthwatch Leeds will work together to keep the resource up-to-date.

Alicia Ridout, Product Owner of MindWell said: "We'd all know what to do if we were involved in an accident or see a building on fire but we don't often think how we'd find help in a mental health crisis. We're delighted to have worked in partnership with our friends at Healthwatch Leeds to create an important new information source for everyone in Leeds aged 18 and over. The resource can be downloaded to your phone, printed off to keep in your wallet or used as a poster or handout. It will also be shared with GP surgeries in the city and key support organisations.

Each person's experience of crisis is very individual to them. Some people find their mental health getting worse very quickly. While other people may find themselves facing a difficult life event, or, being overwhelmed by life stresses. The new MindWell resource can help you navigate the help that is available for people in different situations and with different needs."

Gwyn Elias, Clinical Lead for Mental Health at NHS Leeds CCG, said: “This is a fantastic resource for the residents of Leeds, as it will help local people identify where they can get the support when they need it. This resource will be shared in with practices across Leeds, who can then share this with their Patient Participation Groups (PPGs) and their patients."

Hannah Davies, CEO, Healthwatch Leeds said: "It's absolutely essential that people can access the information they need when they need it. This was a key recommendation of our crisis report. We're very proud to have helped MindWell shape the development of this new resource which is built around people's experiences of crisis.

Healthwatch Leeds are continuing to work with health and care partners to make sure changes and improvements made are people-centred, so that services work for people when they need them. We will continue to work with MindWell to keep the resource up-to-date as any changes happen. We know there is more we can do as a city but this is a positive step in the right direction."

Jenny Groves, CEO, Battles Scars, a Leeds-based charity which supports anybody affected by self-harm: those who self-harm and those supporting them, said: 'Experiencing extreme mental distress is scary and confusing. Reaching out for help is difficult and it's hard to know where to turn to. This guide is useful for anybody experiencing such distress, whether it's for the first time or not.'

HealthWatch Leeds would like to hear about your experiences of crisis services in Leeds, both where these are working well and where improvements could be made: contact 0113 898 0035 or email info@healthwatchleeds.co.uk. Website: www.healthwatchleeds.co.uk

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MindWell will also be refreshing the 'I am worried about someone' section of the website with new information that can help you talk to someone about their mental health and help support someone in a crisis: www.mindwell-leeds.org.uk/someone-else

Find out more on Twitter @MindWellLeeds

Information for people under 18 is available through MindMate: www.mindmate.org.uk

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