The Community Mental Health Transformation Programme is a partnership of NHS organisations, community and voluntary sector, Adult Social Care and service users and people with lived experience coming together to transform how primary and community mental health services are currently organised and delivered.

This video gives an overview of the National Community Mental Health Transformation Programme:

Who is the programme trying to improve care for?

Adults and older adults who have ongoing and complex mental health needs.

The vision for Leeds

Create a radical new model of joined-up primary and community mental health that responds to local people’s needs and removes barriers to access, so that people can:

  • access care, treatment and support as early as possible
  • live as well as possible in their communities

The programme aims to:

  • provide holistic person-centred care
  • have a more joined-up approach with services working together
  • involve service users and carers as equal partners in their care
  • build in involvement and co-production at all levels of service design delivery, and
  • deliver needs-led personalised, trauma-informed care

How will we do this in Leeds?

In 2021 and 2022 the programme team is going to be working with 2 to 3 Local Care Partnerships* to develop and test new forms of care and support for people. These include:

  • West Leeds
  • Leeds Student Medical Practice and the Light 
  • Remove ‘Pudsey’ after West Leeds
  • HATCH (Chapeltown and Burmantofts, Richmond Hill and Harehills)

They will then gradually increase this to about half of Local Care Partnership areas in 2022 and 2023 and then across the rest of Leeds in 2023 and 2024. 

How can you get involved?

The Community Mental Health Transformation Programme will:

  • work in partnership with people who use and provide services
  • have an Involvement Lead to make sure people are involved
  • share a range of opportunities to get involved

*Local Care Partnerships is the name adopted in Leeds to describe the model of joined-up team working to improve health and care delivery to local people. They bring together voluntary and community organisations, Housing and elected councillors alongside Primary Care, other NHS health care services and children and adult social care. There are 15 Local Care Partnerships aligned to different neighbourhoods in Leeds.

Engagement Events

In July 2021 we held 2 events which brought together people with lived experience, carers and those who plan and deliver services to talk about the community mental health transformation programme. We wanted to know what excited them about the new approach and also hear about what some of the challenges might be. The workshops were also an opportunity to start thinking about how we make sure people with lived experience and carers have meaningful involvement in developing and delivering the new model and how we engage with seldom heard groups. Attached is a report from the 2 events.  

Engagement and Involvement Plan

An Engagement and Involvement Plan has been developed to guide how the programme will engage and involve people in the ongoing design and delivery of services. This report will guide the work and it will need to be continually reflected and adapted. You can read the report here:

Useful resources:

If you would like to find out more about the wider programme of work for transforming community mental health services, we have included some useful links below:

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