Take control of worrying

Creating Worry time and using a Worry tree

One way of controlling your worrying is to actually create daily 'Worry time'. Set aside a time each day to tackle your worrying (15 minutes in the evening is ideal).

If you find yourself worrying during the day - stop yourself - and plan to think about the issue later during Worry time (use a small notebook if useful). By then the problem may have gone away or may not seem so important. If it hasn't, think about it during Worry time and be determined not to worry about it after the 15 minutes is over.

Use 'The Worry tree' sheet to decide whether some of your worries are problems which can be tackled or if you can't actually do anything about certain worries and need to let go of them.

The Worry tree

Using a problem-solving technique

If you identify a practical problem which can be tackled, use this 'Seven step problem-solving technique' to find and work through possible solutions.

Seven step problem-solving technique

Make sure you follow Worry time with an activity that will lift your mood such as listening to music, watching a favourite TV programme or going for a run.

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