3 festive colourful baubles, as might be found on a Christmas tree

Christmas is supposed to be a wonderful time of fun and magic. The reality is with more uncertainty and more money pressures this year, it may be a challenging time for many people.

Our #ChristmasToolkit can help you find ways to take care of your emotional wellbeing this winter.

You can find ideas for staying well throughout the winter in our Top 10 tips for winter wellbeing

1: Some of us will be feeling worried about how to celebrate Christmas safely this year. Find tools and techniques to help you relax and unwind. 2: Christmas can be a difficult time if you’ve experienced a close bereavement, whether recently or in the past. Find ways to look after yourself. 3: TV, films, adverts and social media are promoting a bigger and better Christmas this year. Find ways to manage pressure and stress. 4: Christmas can be an expensive time and lots of people are already having financial difficulties in 2021. Find help if you have money worries. 5: Christmas might be a lonely time for many people this year. There are events online and face-to-face in Leeds that can help you connect with others. 6: Many people struggle at Christmas. Don’t be afraid to reach out. There’s always someone to talk to right through the holidays 7: Christmas can be overwhelming. Feeling anxious about the festive season? Get tools and techniques to help you cope better and feel calmer. 8: Practise self-care this Christmas. Try mindfulness, take time out for yourself, go for a walk in the fresh air. Find self-care resources on the MindWell MOT page 9: There’s lots of pressure to drink alcohol at Christmas. Get tips for safer seasonal drinking and do what’s best for you. 10: Looking after our body and mind is important all year round. Find lots of tips, ideas, videos and resources to help you stay well. 11: Volunteering and supporting our communities has been vital for us during the pandemic. Find ideas for how to help out this Christmas 12: Children can struggle at Christmas too. Explore MindMate, the mental health website for children and young people in Leeds.
A black wire zig-zagging from left to right and back, with festive coloured lights attached