The coronavirus outbreak is having an impact on everyone’s daily lives. We’ve had to quickly adapt to a new way of life, which may mean dealing with more uncertainty and having less social contact.

In these difficult times it’s never been more important to take steps to look after your emotional and physical health. Building in time each week for self-care can help us to maintain our sense of wellbeing and cope better with life’s challenges.

Complete the #MindWellMOT checklist

The#MindWellMOT checklist can help you to think about your current wellbeing needs.

Set your own goals

Once you’ve completed the #MindWellMOT checklist take a few minutes to set some personal goals using the MindWell self-care goal-setterRemember it’s better to start small.

Eating a healthy diet, sleeping well, taking time to relax, moving more and staying in contact with your social networks (according to current government guidance) can all help to reduce the effects of stress and anxiety.

Make a plan

You can then use the planner to build in time each week for your personal self-care priorities.

If it’s easier you could use your mobile phone or online calendar to set your weekly reminders instead.

The hub can help you find lots of ideas for practising self-care at home including exercise videos, techniques to help you relax and ways to keep learning online or trying new things. We also have self-care tips to look after your wellbeing if you’re working from home.

For days when you might need an extra mood boost – our self-care for bad days resource has lots of ideas: