Self-harm is when someone hurts themselves, on purpose, as a way of coping with or releasing strong emotions that feel overwhelming. MindWell has tools to help manage self-harm including the Calm Harm mobile phone app, and information about support including Battle Scars, a Leeds-based charity supporting people in the UK who self-harm and their families or friends.

Battle Scars runs online groups for anyone in the UK and face-to-face groups in Leeds. Their peer support Facebook group is available. They also have online groups using Zoom, including self-harm peer support groups, the Inbetweeners group for people who struggle with self harm urges but rarely act on them and a support group for parents or families of people who self-harm. Find out more about joining groups and also receive updates by visiting the Battle Scars website and completing their form for notifications about online groups.

Battle Scars also runs FRESH, which gives you the opportunity to talk about what’s going on for you with a peer support worker. People aged 18 and over can refer themselves or be referred for a one-off return phone call (up to 50 minutes long) from a peer who understands self-harm. It offers you a chance to talk openly, gain a FRESH perspective to help you manage your self-harm, whether it’s your first contact with Battle Scars or you’ve used their services before. FRESH is not a helpline and is one-off call with no follow-up. Battle Scars suggest you access their other services for ongoing support.