Are your thoughts keeping your depression going?

Everyone feels low or struggles a bit from time to time. Low moods tend to lift after a few days or weeks. If they continue and won't go away it can be a sign of depression.

If you're feeling low, you may be having negative thoughts a lot of the time. These thoughts will be affecting how you're feeling and, as a result, making it harder to do things which may, in turn, be leading to more negative and self-critical thoughts. This can create what's called a Vicious cycle which can help to keep the depression going.

Download the 'Vicious Cycle of Depression' sheet which shows how our feelings, thoughts, physical symptoms and how we behave can all be connected. So feeling low can create more negative thinking and stop you from wanting to do your usual activities which can then start to affect your self-esteem and how you think about yourself.

Vicious Cycle of Depression

Being more aware of how we tend to think in situations which we find difficult or stressful can help us to challenge negative thinking. Use these blank sheets to look at how your thoughts may be affecting how you feel and behave.

Vicious Cycle of Depression - blank form

The example sheet below shows how experiencing a vicious cycle could affect someone in a specific situation - experiencing unemployment.

Vicious Cycle of Depression with example - unemployment

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