What are normal reactions to bereavement?

People can react in many different ways. Everyone is different and there is no right or wrong way to grieve. In the hours, days and weeks after a bereavement it's quite normal and common to experience some of these different reactions.

What are 'normal' reactions to a bereavement?

Sadness - cry a lot and feel overwhelming sorrow.

Shock - feel dazed and have difficulty taking in what's happening.

Numbness or show lack of emotions - feel unable to cry or put off strong emotions by keeping busy.

Helplessness - have difficulty coping and need lots of support.

Denial - feel disbelief like 'it's not really happening'.

Anger - want to blame someone or something.

Guilt - about things you did or didn't do.

Relief - that your loved one isn't suffering anymore.

Confusion - feel disorientated or forget things.

Anxiety - feel anxious and experience physical symptoms like dizziness and rapid heartbeat.

Fear - feel panicky and worry more.

Loneliness -feel low, lonely or empty sometimes.

Stress - find it harder to cope when things go wrong.

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