Self-care for students

Leaving home for the first time and going to university or college can be a very exciting time. Meeting new people and taking on a new level of study can also be challenging and most students will have their ups and downs.

Feeling some pressure can help you to feel motivated when working towards a deadline or sitting an exam, for example. But everyone can have days when things can get too much.

Self-care for students sheet

Download our Self-care for students sheet to get lots of tools and information to help you stay mentally well during your time at college or university.

Learn more

MindWell - self-help and support for stress, anxiety, sleeping problems, panic attacks, low moods and bereavement

MindMate - worried about university or college? Get tips and information to help you prepare.

Student Minds - the UK's mental health charity.

Students against depression - a website by students for students with lots of resources to help you cope with low moods and anxiety.

Feel better Leeds - website with health tips and information for students in Leeds.

Standalone - information and advice for people who are estranged from their families, including resources for students who don't have family support.

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