Wellbeing support for students

Leaving home for the first time and going to university or college can be a very exciting time. Meeting new people and taking on a new level of study can also be challenging and most students will have their ups and downs.

Feeling some pressure can help you to feel motivated when working towards a deadline or sitting an exam, for example. But everyone can have days when things can get too much.

Staying well

Download our Self-care for students sheet to get lots of tools and information to help you stay mentally well during your time at college or university.

Self-care for students sheet

Finding help

It's important to register with a local GP. Go to www.nhs.uk/service-search.find-a-gp to find a GP near you.

You can also contact your university/college student wellbeing team to discuss support for your mental health. The services featured on MindWell can also be acessed by students in Leeds.

Learn more

MindWell - self-help and support for stress, anxiety, sleeping problems, panic attacks, low moods and bereavement

MindMate - worried about university or college? Get tips and information to help you prepare.

Student Breakfast Club - held every Saturday (including out of term time) from 2-5.00pm at the Cardigan Centre, 145 Cardigan Road, LS6 1LJ. Students can get a free breakfast sandwich, tips and information about wellbeing and local support. It's run by It's Our Day. Take along your student ID card.

Student Minds - the UK's mental health charity.

Students against depression - a website by students for students with lots of resources to help you cope with low moods and anxiety.

Keep Real is a social enterprise supporting better mental health for young people across Yorkshire. From live music events breaking down stigma with musician and artists to delivering stress management workshops for students.

Feel better Leeds website has health tips and information for students in Leeds.

Standalone - information and advice for people who are estranged from their families, including resources for students who don't have family support.

Forward Leeds is the alcohol and drug service for young people and adults across Leeds. They offer a range of different services including advice, support and interventions for young people who are concerned about their alcohol and/or drug use. You can call Forward Leeds on 0113 887 2477.

No Regrets Leeds has tips, information and links for young people (aged 18-25) on responsible drinking. See their website for useful tips such as how to help a friend who's taking drinking too far, or how to have a good night and a good next day.

Leeds Sexual Health offers screening and treatment for sexually transmitted infections (STIs), HIV testing and contraception services. You can call them on 0113 3920 333.

Yorkshire Mesmac is a sexual and mental health organisation supporting LGBT+ communities in Yorkshire. Call Mesmac Leeds office to discuss what services are available to support you including group and individual support - 0113 244 4209.

One Space is for people aged under 25 and looking for mental health support. The website can direct you straight to what you need. It's provided by Shout, The Mix, and Young Minds working in partnership to ensure a simple way for young people to find support for their mental health. The website has links to a text-based helpline (Shout), peer support forums, phone helpline and online or phone counselling (The Mix) and mental health information and self-help resources (Young Minds).

Worried about someone?

There's help for what to do in our I'm worried about someone section. If you know someone who is struggling and want to talk to them about their mental health, our TALKS technique can help:

What are the possible signs that someone is struggling with their mental heatlh?

How can I talk to someone about their mental health?

How to find help in a mental health crisis

Our crisis resource can help if you, or someone you are worried about, is having a mental health emergency. Keep it as a poster in your room, or, download it to your phone.

How to find help in a mental health crisis

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