Winter can be a great time for finding new challenges and planning the year ahead, or maybe having a walk then snuggling up indoors with a good book. We’re all different when it comes to dealing with shorter days, fighting off colds and viruses, or unpredictable weather.

Some people struggle with eating healthily or getting enough exercise this time of year. Our energy and concentration can be low, which makes it harder to keep up with friends or hobbies. For people already dealing with mental health problems, the challenges of the winter months can sometimes make things feel worse.

The good news is that winter is only for a few months, and there are lots of little steps we can make to help ourselves feel a bit better.

From January until the end of February, we ran our MindWell #WinterWellbeing campaign. It was all about those small steps, from drinking enough water to joining a class, or calling in on your neighbour to finding peer support. We Tweeted from @MindWellLeeds and asked you to Retweet or like our messages. You can still find our Tweets by searching on Twitter for #WinterWellbeing and @MindWellLeeds, or click here.

Now we’re getting ready for spring, so watch this space!