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Linking to http://www.mindwell-leeds.org.uk

We welcome and encourage other websites to link to http://www.mindwell-leeds.org.uk

You must contact us for permission if you want to either:

Linking from http://www.mindwell-leeds.org.uk

http://www.mindwell-leeds.org.uk links to websites that are managed by other companies, service providers or other organisations. We don't have any control over the content on these websites.

We're not responsible for:

  • the protection of any information you give to these websites
  • any loss or damage that may come from your use of these websites, or any other websites they link to

You agree to release us from any claims or disputes that may come from using these websites.

You should read all terms and conditions, privacy policies and end user licences that relate to these websites before you use them.

Data and Privacy

Does MindWell collect information from users?

The MindWell website will not ask you to input any personal details and does not collect any personal information from users accessing the site.

It does use web analytics software to collect the following general information about visitors to www.mindwell-leeds.org.uk:

  • Operating system (eg Windows, IOS, Android).
  • Browser (eg Chrome, Safari, Firefox).
  • Service provider (who provides the broadband connection eg Sky, BT).
  • Screen resolution of device (the size of the device screen in pixels eg 960x600).
  • Language (the language setting of the browser you are using).
  • Geographic data (country and nearest city to location when viewing the site).
  • If user is new to the site or has visited it before.
  • What pages have been visited.
  • Time spent viewing pages that are visited.
  • The date and time of day when user visited MindWell and its pages.

We may direct you to survey forms hosted by partner organisations. These forms may require you to submit personal information, for example and email address or telephone number if you are agree to participate in a follow up interview about your experience of using MindWell. The information you enter into these forms will be seen and processed by staff members at the partner organisation. It will only be used to help us improve the service offered by MindWell.

These partner organisations will provide data and privacy information regarding their own platform.

Why does MindWell collect this data?

We use the data collected to assess the impact of the MindWell web site and to improve the experience of visitors using the site. If, for example, we find that users have spent a lot of time on one particular page we may choose to make a link to that page more prominent from the site homepage so that users can find it more easily.


While we make every effort to keep http://www.mindwell-leeds.org.uk up to date, we don't provide any guarantees, conditions or warranties that the information will be:

  • current
  • secure
  • accurate
  • complete
  • free from bugs or viruses

We don't publish advice on http://www.mindwell-leeds.org.uk You should get professional or specialist advice before doing anything on the basis of the content..

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