In this video guide we’ll be taking a look at the mental health support and resources available during pregnancy and for new parents.

On the MindWell website, we have a section called ‘Pregnancy and becoming a parent’. It can help you to explore how you might be feeling and how to find the right help and support in Leeds.

If you’re pregnant you can find lots of useful information including how to look after your emotional health, where to find support and what to do if you’re feeling low or anxious.

For new mums there’s tips on how to keep feeling well after the birth of your baby, information on
common problems like low moods and anxiety and where to ask for help and support.

If you’re a new dad or partner there’s information on how to look after you mental wellbeing and links to services that can support you. If you’re worried about your partner who is pregnant or a new mum you can find information about how to access support and what to do in an emergency. 

Head over to the MindWell website to explore this section and take a look at our self-help resources.