Leeds Mental Wellbeing Service (LMWS) offers free online courses that can help you to cope better with problems such as stress and anxiety, panic attacks and depression.

The service also provides psychological therapies, including group and face-to-face sessions and workshops. 

Who is it for and how can I access it?

The service is free for everyone in Leeds who is over 17 years of age and registered with a Leeds GP. 

If you are struggling with low mood, worried, stressed, depressed, or anxious, you can refer yourself into their confidential service via their website or call 0113 843 4388. You will need to have a working email address to complete the online referral. If you don’t have a current email address, please call instead.

You can also access omnitherapy, their online self-help courses, immediately without any assessment or referral. Their wide range of online group classes are also available to book directly.

If you have accessibility needs or would like more information about courses, workshops and support, please call 0113 843 4388 or email leeds.mws@nhs.net

What happens when someone contacts LMWS for the first time?

To refer yourself you will need to answer a few questions. This is to help make sure the service is right for you.

You will be asked to confirm:

  • you are aged 17 or over and registered with a Leeds GP
  • that you are not in crisis or needing urgent help
  • that you are not wanting to refer for other services, such as anger management
  • that you are not currently receiving therapy or counselling
  • how you heard of the service

You will then need to complete a confidential form to help find the most suitable treatment for you. The questions relate to:

  • your safety
  • the issue you are seeking help for
  • personal information, including ethnicity and mental health background
  • employment status
  • any ongoing symptoms of depression, anxiety or phobias
  • whether the problems you are experiencing are affecting your work or home life

LMWS have put in place strong security measures to ensure your records stay private and confidential. For more information about how your information will be used, please download their leaflet.

LMWS understand you may feel more comfortable with a specific type of therapist – such as a woman or someone with an understanding of trans experience. When you refer yourself to the service, please let them know if you would prefer a specific therapist and outline your needs.

Tell us more about your upcoming courses

Free monthly online courses and one-off classes that teach you practical methods to manage different mental health issues are available. They’re run by expert facilitators to help you understand how you’re feeling and improve your wellbeing. Topics include:

  • stress
  • low mood
  • depression recovery
  • sleeping well
  • motivation
  • managing worry
  • panic

Visit their site for more information or check out these upcoming courses.

Overcoming Stress and Low Mood Course (18 April to 23 May)

LMWS is launching a new free 6 week course to support mental wellbeing.

It’s designed to provide people with tools and techniques to manage feelings of low mood and stress in today’s fast-paced world.

The course will run from Thursday 18 April to Thursday 23 May 2024, from 5pm to 7pm. Visit Overcoming Stress and Low Mood Course to sign up.

Depression Recovery Group (Tuesdays, 16 April to 21 May and Mondays, 22 April to 10 June)

Depression Recovery classes are now held online.

This course explores how depression is maintained by unhelpful thoughts and behaviours, and teaches CBT interventions to help overcome it.

Classes will run Tuesday evenings from 5pm to 7pm or Monday afternoons from 2pm to 4pm for 6 weeks.

Visit LMWS Depression Recovery to sign up.

Depression Recovery Course (for Muslims) (6 June in Harehills)

Learn skills to overcome depression using therapy and Islamic faith over 8 sessions in a group setting.

This course will help you understand the common signs of low mood, such as the thoughts and feelings you may experience. This is combined with teachings from the Quran and Hadith to help you change what you ‘do’ to overcome depression.

For more information about this upcoming course, call LMWS on 0113 843 4388 or email leeds.mws@nhs.net.

The office is open Monday to Friday from 8am to 4pm (no Bank Holidays).

Upcoming workshops

In addition to their longer courses, you can also attend single workshops, tailored to specific wellbeing issues.

Find out more about LMWS

Take a few minutes to explore Leeds Mental Wellbeing Service’s website – for yourself, for a loved one or to recommend to friends and colleagues. It’s the place to find free online self-help video courses, online group classes, Talking Therapies and a range of support from the NHS.

Keep up-to-date with the courses they offer on their blog or by following them on X (formerly Twitter) @LMWS_NHS.

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