WorkPlace Leeds supports individuals with lived experience of severe mental health, to gain, sustain, or retain employment.

What does WorkPlace Leeds do?

WorkPlace Leeds provides specialist mental health Employment Support and Job Retention services throughout Leeds.

Employment is an important part of mental health recovery and they support the aim that people are able to find employment when they want, maintain a family and social life whilst contributing to their community, and avoid loneliness and isolation.

The services are provided through a combination of one-to-one sessions and group work.

How does WorkPlace Leeds help people take care of their mental health?

They know that mental health, when left unsupported, can be a barrier to engaging with the workplace. They work with you to identify those barriers, then provide coaching, mediate with employers, and offer skill building and workshops to reduce those barriers.

What makes the organisation different from others in Leeds?

The service isn’t limited by time and they will work with you until you have gained or sustained a chosen job that you feel comfortable in.

How do they work with other organisations in Leeds?

WorkPlace Leeds works alongside the community mental health team, the Money in Mind team, and the integrated health hubs, to ensure those who need support can access it as easily as possible.

How do they make sure everyone can use their services?

Each person receives a bespoke vocational profile tailored to their skills and needs, meaning that the team work with you in a way that suits you. They aim (with your consent) to advocate these needs with your employer, providing education or in-work support, all in the name of creating a good working environment for everyone.

What does an Employment Specialist do in their job?

Employment specialists can support in various ways, such as practical support to:

  • build CVs
  • coach interview skills
  • access job workshops
  • complete benefit calculations
  • improve IT skills.

They can also help in wider ways, such as mediating with your employer. They can help you learn about reasonable adjustments, then create a plan to communicate this to your employer.

They can also connect you with new employers and new job opportunities. Ultimately, an Employment Specialist is there to support you along your journey back into work.

How many people have they helped in the past year?

WorkPlace Leeds has helped over 500 people in the last year to either find new work or adapt their current role to their needs.

What do they have planned for over the next year?

WorkPlace Leeds is focused on strengthening their relationship with the Money in Mind team. They provide financial support and education, which goes hand in hand with employment.

What’s the most important thing for people in WorkPlace Leeds to remember?

Their number one priority is to ensure they only work in accordance with your preferences. This means looking for job opportunities that you want, and only speaking to your employer if you want that extra support. Whatever they do, it’s up to you.

What events, workshops, or programs are coming up?

There are a wide range of employment workshops that help individuals to begin their journey back into work. These are free and open now and can be accessed by giving WorkPlace Leeds a call on 0113 230 2631.

What if I feel uncertain about asking for help?

WorkPlace Leeds says reach out anyway. If it isn’t for you, then take a step back, without fear of judgement. If you change your mind, you can go back to them and pick up where you left off. If you are not sure what job you want, they can help you decide.

Regardless of your needs, if you want to work, then WorkPlace Leeds can help.

How can I get in touch with the service or learn more about what they offer?

Go to their website: Workplace Leeds – Employment Support – Leeds Mind to find out more about WorkPlace Leeds’ services, how support is provided, who can access them and how to be referred.

Or contact them: 0113 230 2631

WorkPlace Leeds and the Money in Mind Team are part of Leeds Mind. You can find out more about their range of services on the Leeds Mind website.

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