STOP technique

This quick technique can help you let go of anxieties and feel calmer:

  1. Say ‘STOP’ firmly to yourself.
  2. Breathe out fully.
  3. Drop your shoulders and unclench your hands.
  4. Count slowly from five down to one.
  5. Take a moment.
  6. Repeat if needed

Concentrate on one task

Find one thing that you can do now: put the kettle on, go for a short walk, put on calming music, or do a simple domestic task.

Focus completely on the task, talking yourself through each step.

Be aware of what’s happening – such as the sound of the music, people walking past or the noise the iron makes. Try counting the sounds you can hear.

Relaxation breathing

Follow this animation:

Read transcript of Diaphragmatic breathing animation

Write things down

Write down some of the things that are worrying you. Pick 3 that you can tackle.

Write a quick action plan for each. Decide if other people can help you and what your next steps will be.