STOP technique

This quick technique can help you let go of anxieties and feel calmer:

  1. Say ‘STOP’ firmly to yourself.
  2. Breathe out fully.
  3. Drop your shoulders and unclench your hands.
  4. Count slowly from five down to one.
  5. Take a moment.
  6. Repeat if needed

Concentrate on one task

Find one thing that you can do now: put the kettle on, go for a short walk, put on calming music, or do a simple domestic task.

Focus completely on the task, talking yourself through each step.

Be aware of what’s happening – such as the sound of the music, people walking past or the noise the iron makes. Try counting the sounds you can hear.

Relaxation breathing

Follow this animation:

Read transcript of Diaphragmatic breathing animation

Write things down

Write down some of the things that are worrying you. Pick 3 that you can tackle.

Write a quick action plan for each. Decide if other people can help you and what your next steps will be.

Other resources

The mental health charity Mind has information on ways to help yourself cope during a crisis.

This includes calming exercises and a tool to get you through the next few hours.