MindWell advent calendar doors 1 to 7 and the MindWell logo. The theme are: 1 manage expectation, 2 feel festive together, 3 no such thing as perfect, 4 having enough, 5 be kind, join in, 6 top up your energy levels and 7 get creative.

Why not mark the festive season your own way this year with our MindWell Advent Calendar?

Whether you’re celebrating Christmas or not, the festive season is a time of year that often puts extra pressure on us to eat, drink, be merry and join in. It can be a hard time for a lot of people and can affect our mental health in different ways.

That’s why we’re here with you for the next 33 days, right up to the day after New Year’s Day. Our #MindWellAdventCalendar is here to help with wellbeing tips, links to local support services, reminders to look after yourself and ideas for local festive events where you can join in (for free or a low cost).

So join in with us and look after yourself this December. Follow us on X (formerly Twitter) @MindWellLeeds or Instagram @mindwellleeds for ideas on how to make your festive season enjoyable in whatever way feels right for you.

We’ll be opening our advent calendar doors every day and using the hashtags #FestiveSeasonYourWay #MindWellAdventCalendar. So please follow us, Retweet, Like and share and join in with your own ideas or events people in Leeds can visit.

Look out for more festive wellbeing here, too, with our MindWell festive toolkit, details of festive events you can join around Leeds, helpful online resources, a reminder of our Winter Wellbeing tips and information about openings times for essential mental health services in Leeds over the holidays. Watch this space!