Excerpt from MindWell Take 10 resource, with the words Take 10 for World Mental Health Day, a little sign hanging down saying 'seconds' and a clock face, all on a purple blob-shaped background.

World Mental Health Day is on 10 October (10/10) every year. It can feel like the world is a difficult place, full of reasons to be stressed and worried. So why not try ‘Taking 10’ to find some calm, mindful time in your day? Let’s #Take10FeelBetter.

Taking time out to relax or enjoy yourself is an important part of feeling well. So, any time to you have to spare can help. If you take time for yourself on World Mental Health Day and feel better, it could even become a habit!

We’ve come up with 10 activities that you can do for 10 minutes or 10 seconds – it’s up to you how much time you have and whether you want to do one activity or more. All the activities are free to do, though some have the option of following a link to MindWell or other health or wellbeing-related websites, which have more ideas.

On World Mental Health Day, Tuesday 10 October, please join our campaign:

Read our blog 10 Seconds or 10 Minutes: Your daily investment for better mental health for more ideas.

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