From Make Your Move campaign. On the left panel: a pale purple background with a white box containing text: Lem 14 years old "Whenever I have problems with my mental health, this helps me", with a photo of Lem, a young person with a mid skin tone and wearing a blue hoody with Leeds in white letters. Their hood is up. In the middle: A white background with blue text saying MindMate and Make Your Move, then #MakeYourMove in black text. There's the MindMate smiley logo and Make Your Move has a map marker, a dotted line and a finger pointing the say, suggesting following a path with the words. On the right: A pale blue background with a white box containing text: Liam 18 years old "It's a way to express myself and my emotions", with a photo of Liam, a young person with a light skin tone, short blond hair and a grey and white shirt.

Young people aged 11 to 21 in Leeds were involved in making a series of videos showcasing how they get active, sharing the benefits of moving more for their mental health.

The Make Your Move videos feature activities from rollerskating and walking to volleyball, basketball and skateboarding. The campaign links to the refreshed Get Moving page on the MindMate website, which features opportunities for young people to access free or low-cost ways to get active.

Mental health is a top priority for children and young people in Leeds. Studies show that being active can protect young people against developing low mood and anxiety, as well as reducing symptoms of depression when young people experience mental health difficulties.

Previous conversations revealed that 14-25-year-olds in Leeds were the only age group not motivated to get active. This campaign aims to help young people make the connections between being active and looking after their mental health.

Follow MindMate Leeds on Facebook Twitter or Instagram and find all the videos on MindMate’s You Tube channel.

Being more active can help people of all ages look after their mental and physical wellbeing. MindWell has information about exercise and mental health, what types of exercise are recommended by the NHS and links to services in Leeds on our Exercise more pages.

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