• Are your demands achievable within work hours?
• Are your skills and abilities well-matched to the demands?
• Do you think the demands are too great for your skills or are demands not challenging enough?

• Do you understand your role within the organisation?
• Are your responsibilities clear and do not conflict?
• Do you have enough flexibility in your role?

• Do you have the resources, information and encouragement to do your job?

• Do you have enough say in how you do your job (and in deciding work patterns like breaks and working hours)?
• Are you encouraged to use your skills and develop new skills?

Values and culture:
• Do you share the beliefs and values of the organisation?

• Does your organisation promote positive behaviours to avoid conflict?
• Does it deal with unacceptable behaviour such as bullying?

• Are you involved in any organisational changes?
• Do you understand the impact of any changes on your role and are you given training and support to manage any changes?
• Are you uncertain about the future of your job?
• Do you fear redundancy?