You can use the Worry tree diagram to decide whether your worries are anxious thoughts that you need to let go of or practical problems which need to be tackled.

Consider your worry following these 4 steps:

1 Notice the worry

2 Postpone the worry until Worry time

3 Does the worry still seem important? If so:

4 Ask yourself: Can I do anything about it?

If the answer is No – this is a hypothetical worry. You can use the Helpful tips for Worry time sheet to help you tackle your worry.

Try to let go of the worry or accept that repetitive worrying will not help.

Try to refocus your attention. You could also try some mindfulness and relaxation techniques.

If the answer is Yes – use the problem-solving technique to a create plan. Consider what you could do, when and how.

You can start tackling it now, Put the plan into action. Try to then refocus your attention.

Or, set a time later to put your plan into action. For now let go of your worry – and try to refocus your attention.