Anyone can experience problems with their mental wellbeing at different times in their life. It can be difficult to know where to find the right information or support. Mindwell is a website which gives people in Leeds better access to information about mental health. The website is for everyone in Leeds. You may be looking for yourself, someone you’re concerned about, or you may be a professional supporting other people.

Hundreds of people across the city have been involved in creating MindWell to make sure that it’s simple, easy-to-use and has the information that people need. MindWell has up-to-date information about different kinds of support available in the city. It also has information which can help you better understand common problems such as anxiety, depression and stress; also self-help information to help yourself feel better. The site also includes videos and resources which you can download; and what to do if you need help in a mental health emergency. You’ll also find information about a wide range of issues and experiences which can affect your mental health. 

Mindwell has a range of accessibility features, including software called Browsealoud which can read pages out loud, translate information into different languages and make pages easier to read.

Welcome to MindWell, the single go-to place for mental health information in Leeds.