In Leeds there are lots of peer support groups and groups in the city. Some groups focus on talking about mental health, while others offer advice and information or activities. On the MindWell website, we have a whole section dedicated to these groups to make it easier for people to find the right group or activity for them. You can find information about a range of mental health groups in Leeds. 

Many of the groups are run by people with their own experience of mental health problems and bring together people with similar experiences, so that you can help, encourage and support each other, known as peer support. Some of the groups focus on a particular aspect of mental health such as coping with anxiety or self-harm. 

You can also find women only and men only groups as well as groups for people from LGBT+ and BAME, (Black, Asian or Minority Ethnic communities), groups for young people aged 25 and under and older people aged 50 and over. There are also groups that support people with learning disabilities, physical disabilities or long-term health problems, groups for carers, parents and people who have experienced a bereavement.

You can also find exercise or groups that offer an activity such as walking, swimming, arts or crafts.

So if you’re looking for a support group or would like to find out what’s available Leeds, head over to the MindWell website.