If you’re looking for information about mental health in Leeds, the MindWell website is a good place to start. In the ‘I’m looking for myself’ section, there’s a range of information and resources that can help you support your mental wellbeing.

There’s information that can help you explore your mental health and find out about common problems like stress, anxiety and depression.

MindWell can also help you consider how different life experiences can affect your mental wellbeing such as pregnancy and becoming a parent, work issues, money worries and housing.

You can also find information and resources to help you look after your mental wellbeing. From mindfulness and relaxation to creative activities and learning new skills, there’re lots of ways to look after your emotional health. 

In Leeds, there’s a variety of mental health services supporting people in the city. MindWell can help you to find out about support available including places to call, NHS services, counselling and peer support groups. You can also find information on services supporting carers, advocacy services and wellbeing courses.

To find out more head over to the MindWell website and click on ‘I’m looking for myself.’