Areas covered:

  • Introduction to the MindWell website
  • Finding help in Leeds webpage
  • Directory pages
  • Need urgent help page

Anyone can experience problems with their mental wellbeing at different times in their life. It can be difficult to know where to find the right information or support.

MindWell is the mental health website for people and professionals in Leeds. It’s funded by the NHS in the city to bring together information in one ‘go to’ place.

You can use MindWell in different ways.

You can find resources to help you better understand and manage common problems like anxiety and depression.

There’s also help if you’re dealing with a stressful life experience such as bereavement, becoming a parent or caring for someone.

We also have self-help information that can help you look after your mental wellbeing including videos, self-help tools and ideas to help you relax and get creative.

There’s also information about a wide range of support available in the city.

Our Finding support in Leeds page is a great place to start exploring what’s available in Leeds. It has quick links to a variety of different services and options, many of which you can access directly.
You can find numbers to call for advice; as well as information about wellbeing courses and classes; digital apps and links to city mental health services such as Leeds Mental Wellbeing Service which offers psychological therapies for common problems such as anxiety and depression.

There’s also links to local counselling services and a wide range of peer support and support groups.

If these options don’t feel right for you, or you need help in finding the right support, you can talk to a GP. On MindWell you can find information about how to prepare for a doctor’s appointment and other helpful information.

You can also use the MindWell directory which has links to a wide range of local and national services that support people’s mental health including help for issues like housing, alcohol and drug use and money worries.

Each service has contact details and you can use the ‘more’ button to find out more information like the service opening hours, a link to their website and a brief description of what they offer.

The directory has different categories so you can easily find different kinds of support.

No matter how you’re feeling, there’s always someone to talk to. On the Need Urgent Help page you can find details about services that can support people experiencing a mental health crisis.

The page is split into 3 different types of support: places to call, face-to-face help and support that can be accessed by text or online chat. Clicking on one of the options will show you the different services available.

MindWell has a range of accessibility features including software called ReachDeck which can read pages out loud, translate information into different languages and make pages easier to read.

Head over to the mental health website for people in Leeds.