Mum 1: “The first time when I came to the course I was a little nervous because it was with different people, different mum but after they start talkings – share their experience, yes I was more confident.”

Mum 2: “I learnt all the attachment theory and the science of the brain development and the skin contact and the early attachment and the science side of it; not just the practicalities of keeping the baby fed and clean but in terms of actually building that good attachment and bonding.”

Mum 1: “I learnt a lot of things, how to look after my baby, how to communicate with him.”

Mum 3: “We saw a video where straightaway the baby was interacting with the parents and it was fantastic because that just gave me, um, lots of ideas on what to do with Amy when she came out and we did all that and you know, it was great.”

Mum 1: “I like the day when we talk about what we need to buy, how to prepare the mum’s, uh, that bag that we take to the hospital.”

Mum 4: “The part I liked about the group the most was, um, actually the making of the memory boxes. I’ve put so many things in my little girl’s box; she’s got scan photos, tags from when she went in hospital, all sorts, just so that she knows that when she grows older, she’ll always look back and have those memories. And I just think that’s really nice for her to have those memories of when she were little.”

Mum 3: “I would definitely recommend this course; I learnt so much. It was something to look forward to as well because each week I was, I was taking something away and I was learning more and more about my baby and myself and what to expect, cos when you’ve not had a baby before, you don’t know.”