Stress is something that we all experience sometimes. When problems and pressures get too much, we can start to feel overwhelmed and struggle to cope. Everyday pressures like work, money and family worries can place huge demands on us, as can big life events like losing your job, family breakdown or the death of someone close. 

The Stress Bucket is a helpful way of thinking about your problems and finding different ways of looking at what’s causing your stress. Imagine that you carry a bucket with you. As the day goes by, different problems and demands fill up your bucket. When your bucket overflows the stress can make you angry, anxious or sad. 

The good news is, there are things that you can do to manage these problems and stop your bucket overflowing. Try and exercise a bit more, eat well and get more sleep. Get support by talking to someone you trust and telling them how you feel. Make a list to help break problems down and think about your priorities. What smaller tasks should you tackle first? Try the relaxation ideas on the Mindwell website. Take a short break. Practise breathing techniques and find the things that work for you. Making these small changes can feel good, like turning on a tap to release some of the pressure you’re feeling. Explore the Mindwell website for more helpful tools and ideas for coping with stress and keeping your bucket from overflowing.