Being You Leeds are positive about mental health and we challenge discrimination and stigma around mental health through:

  • Working with Volunteer Anti-Stigma champions, who use their experiences of mental health problems to change the way people think and act about mental health across our city.
  • Providing awareness-raising sessions for teams and groups about stigma, discrimination and ways to tackle it.
  • We have a strategic partnership group, which meets 4 times a year, where employers and leaders in Leeds plan for how we can change how we view and treat mental health in Leeds.

All of our team are trained anti-stigma champions too. Our training, groups and activities include anti-stigma messaging throughout everything we do.

Keep reading for more on what we do.

What is stigma?

Stigma around mental health is when someone holds negative attitudes towards people with mental health conditions.

Stigma can lead to discrimination, whether obvious or subtle, and have negative effects such as:

  • making people reluctant to seek help
  • leaving people feeling isolated from loved ones who don’t understand
  • making it harder for people to get work, find housing, join in social activities and more
  • bullying, violence or harassment

Being You Leeds will work hard to tackle stigma around mental health and its harmful effects across the city.


You can volunteer with us to be an ‘anti-stigma champion’. Anti-Stigma Leeds Champions are people with their own experiences of mental health problems, who campaign to change the way people think and act about mental health across our city.

Find out How to Become a Champion