On older man with a mid skin tone and using a walking stick is talking a woman with a mid skin tone and long dark hair. She is smiling at the man and is holding a tub of flowers, which he is pointing at. They are in a garden, with lots of greenery, trees and colourful flowers. She seems to be placing the tub of flowers and maybe he is telling her what to do.

Have you been feeling a bit down lately or not quite yourself? Perhaps you can’t put your finger on why but know you could do with some help? Or maybe you are new to Leeds, feel lonely, or you might be thinking about changing your drugs or alcohol use and don’t know where to start?

If you are registered with a GP in Leeds and are ready to work towards making changes in your life,
there is a way to get the support you need to feel better and stay well – it’s called Social Prescribing.

What is social prescribing?

We all need help from time to time. Social Prescribing is a way to get the support you need to deal
with whatever is making you feel unhappy or worried.

It’s completely free and is about helping people improve all areas of their lives, including physical,
social and emotional wellbeing. Social Prescribing can also help you overcome practical housing,
money or work issues.

How can social prescribing help?

Social Prescribing is all about finding what works best for you. You’ll talk to someone who will listen
to your needs and help problem solve, set goals and find activities that you enjoy and that help you
feel good. It’s also a great way to meet new people, learn new skills, and feel more connected to
your community.

This can include things like exercise classes, gardening groups, art workshops or volunteering. You
can also be supported to find and access other services that can help with things like language
translation, mental health and wellbeing, drug and alcohol dependency, financial advice and
support, care respite or setting personal goals.

Where can I get help in Leeds?

In Leeds, we have a great Social Prescribing service called Linking Leeds. They can help you find
activities and support that are right for you – including directing you to the MindWell website and
other healthcare services.

It’s easy to get started – just give them a call or fill out their online self-referral form and they’ll be in
touch. You can also ask your GP or another worker to refer you.

Or, if you would like to understand more about what the service offers, read their Frequently Asked
Questions or download the Linking Leeds client information pack.

Success stories

If you’re still wondering if Social Prescribing is right for you, read the quotes from people in Leeds who have benefitted from Linking Leeds or click on the stories below to read more about how Linking Leeds has helped people turn their lives around:

“Thank you for all of your efforts, you have helped me so much, much more than anyone
else has, you always have time for me and I just want you to know it means everything to
me and my family. We feel peace here and you help this.

I am so thankful. Every week you would call me, it was something to look forward to,
something happening this day, you give me so much strength”

Z,a person supported by Linking Leeds

It’s your turn now

Now you know more about Social Prescribing and how people have felt Linking Leeds has helped them, why not get in touch? You can contact Linking Leeds by calling 0113 336 7612 or emailing linking.leeds@nhs.net, contact them via their website or complete a referral form.