Try to challenge any ANT (Automatic Negative Thoughts) that may pop up now and then like ‘I am rubbish’, ‘I am not good enough’, ‘I am to blame’, ‘there’s something about me that let this happen’.

These are often long-held and falsely-held beliefs. Look at the evidence against these thoughts and then find a more helpful and balanced way of thinking – ‘I am valuable and important’, ‘I am a kind and caring person’, ‘I am a good friend’, ‘It was not my fault.’

Use the Challenging a hot thought sheet to help you question these ways of thinking by finding evidence against the thought.

When looking at evidence against the thought, consider the following:

Are you not seeing or ignoring the evidence against the thought?

What would a friend or someone you trust say about your thoughts?

What’s a more realistic way to think?

You can then find a more helpful and balanced way of thinking.

Remember child sexual abuse is never the fault of the child or young person.