Want to get creative and do something now? Here are some ideas from Arts & Minds members in Leeds.

Tear up paper

It’s active, makes a good sound, some sense of control, some loss of control, flat becomes 3D, the paper can be layered up together – and you have an instant sculpture.

Take photographs

Take out your phone and find all the different textures in the space you’re in and photograph them. Do the same with the colours you can see and the details of different objects. Doing this can help you to look at what’s going on around you more – there are very few dull places.

Make up a story

Start with the sentence, “Once Upon a Time” and go from there. It doesn’t matter what you write, you don’t need to show it to anyone!


All you need is paper and a pen. Draw anything you want.


Put on some good music and dance around the living room to get the creativity moving!

Do some baking

It’s a creative process – and tastes good too as an occasional treat!


Arrange whatever objects you have around you into colours. Put all the yellow things together, blue things in another place, etc. Then take photos or draw it. Or arrange ‘art attack’ style into a picture.


Put your favourite song on and sing along.

Make a mask

Turn the contents of your bag or pocket into a mask. Stick stuff to yourself.

Rewrite the news

Tear up a free newspaper and move the words around to rewrite the headlines.


Grab some pens, glue, an old magazine full of beautiful pictures. Shove some good music on and make a collage.

Start a bullet journal

It’s a fun, creative way to help you structure your thoughts, make notes or create lists.


Find some textiles, even old clothes, and rip or cut them up and make something from them. Even plaiting or knotting lengths of an old t-shirt can be fun and produce something useful.

Photo story

Rearrange some stuff where you live and make a silly, fun, interesting scene. Even better do it at someone else’s place and see how long before they notice!

Get into nature

Nothing beats natural beauty. Take a look at light, shape/form, colour and shadows. Go for a simple walk for inspiration – bring a camera or maybe a sketch book. Observe, study and enjoy the beauty around you!


Make your own drawing and printing tools. You could use plastic forks, tooth brushes, fabric, food and vegetables – like potatoes – and play around with some paint.

Go to the Arts and Minds Network website to find some great, supportive creative groups you can join in Leeds. www.artsandmindsnetwork.org.uk