Be kind to yourself. Try talking to yourself as you would a friend.

Notice when you feel thirsty and drink a glass of water.

Breathe in (through your nose) for two seconds, hold for two seconds, then release it through your nose taking four seconds. Pause slightly and breathe in again.

Speak to someone who supports you.

Call a helpline – find numbers on MindWell:

Make sure you take any medication at your regular times. Try using your phone to set reminders.

Write or draw in a journal or notebook.

Put on a favourite or comfortable item of clothing.

Clean your teeth and enjoy having a fresh mouth.

Eat something tasty, healthy and simple – maybe nuts, a piece of fruit or a yogurt.

Take a break from social media for an hour or longer.

Brush your hair thoroughly or massage your scalp – stroke your head gently.

Read a book or magazine or watch your favourite TV programme.

Get some fresh air – open your window or sit outside for a while.

Try to eat regularly you could use your alarm or mobile to set reminders for morning, lunchtime and evening.

Stretch your arms and legs or give your body a gentle shake.