Pause and take a mindful moment – really notice what you can hear or see.

Say hello to someone – friend, neighbour or person at the bus stop.

Plan to eat something really tasty today – a piece of fresh fruit, a bowl of spicy soup, a colourful salad – something that makes your senses sing!

Put on some music and dance around your living room or sing along.

Take a walk outside – notice trees, birds and plants.

Take a break at lunchtime – explore your local area, have a chat, do a crossword or make yourself a soothing or refreshing drink.

Relax with a funny film or your favourite TV programme.

Visit Leeds Art Gallery for free to see beautiful or inspiring art work.

Change your bedding or put on clean nightclothes and enjoy the smell and feel of fresh laundry.

Cuddle or stroke a dog, cat or other pet. Borrow a friend’s pet if you don’t have one!

Enjoy a perfumed candle, your favourite scent or the smell of flowers.

Doodle whatever you like and colour it in.

At the end of the day, write a short list of things you are grateful for or things you’ve enjoyed today.

Read or listen to a book or podcast you enjoy.

Plan some self-care time just for you – what would you enjoy doing later today or tomorrow? Look forward to it!

Massage your hands, feet or scalp. Use lotion or oils if you have them, to look after your skin.