2 people standing together, the first has a mid skin tone, long, pink, wavy hair and is pregnant. The other has a dark skin tone, their hair up and wrapped in a scarf and wears a hoop earring. They are carrying 2 shopping bags, as a volunteer delivering to the pregnant person.

Volunteering isn’t just about helping your community, it’s also about helping yourself. You might meet interesting people or develop new skills. You could get experience that helps you if you’re looking for work or planning to change jobs.

You could become more confident in talking to people, challenging yourself or using skills you already have. If you’re not working at the moment, being a volunteer could help you get out of the house and develop a routine.

Volunteering can boost your self-esteem by giving you a sense of purpose and achievement. Giving your time to others can stimulate the reward areas in the brain, helping to boost your mood and improve your wellbeing.

If you have experienced mental health problems, you might decide to volunteer for a mental health organisation. Your personal experience could be an asset to the work you’re doing and the organisation should be supportive and encouraging to you.

If you get support from the NHS, a charity or community organisation, there might be volunteer roles available. It can feel good to ‘give back’ to a place that has helped you, and your experience and knowledge could make you a valuable volunteer!

Whether you’re taking on a role with a charity or offering to walk the neighbour’s dog, being involved can help your wellbeing in lots of different ways.