The flight or fight response is how the body prepares to run away or fight when it senses danger.

Various parts of the body react during this response, helping us get ready for action.

  • The brain focuses on the perceived danger and our thoughts race as we prepare to make quick decisions.
  • Our vision might get sharper to look for signs of danger.
  • Adrenal glands release adrenaline to help the body be ready to respond.
  • Our breathing gets quicker and heavier as we take in extra oxygen to power our legs for running.
  • The extra oxygen might make our head feel a bit dizzy.
  • Our heart beats faster to send blood to the leg muscles.
  • Muscles all over our body will tense and our legs might shake as they get ready to run.
  • Our body might sweat to cool down. and our hands could become cold as blood is diverted to muscles.
  • We might feel ‘butterflies’ in our stomach as blood is diverted from the digestive system.
  • As the digestive system shuts down to create more energy for running, our mouth goes dry and we lose our appetite.
  • Our immune system shuts down, so our body is more likely to pick up infections and unable to make repairs and get vital nutrients from food.
  • The reproductive system shuts down, reducing sex drive.
  • The muscles in our bladder relax.