Experiencing debt or money worries can make you feel hopeless and out of control, affecting how you think, feel and sleep. Taking charge of your money problems can help you feel better and more in control.

In this section you can access tools and information to help make managing your finances much easier and find out who you can talk to for support.

Find support

You can find out where you can get help with debt and money worries in our MindWell Directory.

  • accessing benefits and grants
  • affordable loans
  • controlling debt and budgeting
  • finding emotional support
  • independent advice

If you’re struggling to cope and need to talk to someone now, go to Need urgent help?

Tools and apps

Citizens Advice has lot’s of information on debt and a budgeting tool that can help to sort out what money you have coming in, what money you are spending and where you can make cuts.

Leeds City Council has produced a website called Leeds MIC (Money Information Centre) which helps people in Leeds with money problems.

Step Change free online debt tool can help you create a budget and action plan while accessing free debt advice.


Learn more

Find out how to take control of your debt.

Learn more about help available f you’re struggling to pay your energy, utility and household bills

If necessary, consider different types of support as a temporary measure such as food banks or applying for a grant.

If you do need to take out a loan, consider your options carefully.

Look after your health and wellbeing – facing debt can be distressing and cause severe anxiety.

Find out about the links between Debt, stress and mental health.

A mental health problem can make it more difficult to manage your finances. Some problems can lead people to make impulsive decisions and spend money they don’t have while others can make it difficult to find the energy to keep track of spending. These resources can help you to take control of your debt, reduce your outgoings and access the support you need:

A mental health breathing space is a debt respite scheme for people currently receiving mental health crisis treatment certified by an Approved Mental Health Professional (AMHP). You can find out more about this breathing space scheme on the Mental Health and Money Advice website.

The Coronavirus pandemic is causing problems for people at work and at home, with changes or reductions in income, redundancies and more. National Debtline has a Coronavirus hub, with resources, information, links and details of how contact them.