Feeling anxious about being a good parent, particularly when it’s your first time, can affect dads and partners as much as mums.

Not getting as much sleep or time to relax and dealing with money worries or changes in your relationships, can also add to your stress.

Some partners/dads may also find themselves supporting a partner who is experiencing postnatal depression or recovering from a premature or difficult birth.

Signs that you may be experiencing depression, can include:

  • feeling low, sad, guilty, irritable or hopeless
  • loss of interest in activities you normally enjoy
  • low self-esteem and loss of confidence
  • withdrawing from family and friends and not wanting to go out to see people
  • poor memory and difficulty concentrating or taking in information
  • feeling overwhelmed by problems and struggling to cope
  • expecting or looking for bad things to happen
  • feeling negative about the future

Find out more about low moods and depression and when to speak to your GP.

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