Talking to a GP

If you’ve been feeling low or very anxious and this is having an impact on your day-to-day life, you should consider going to see your GP. Find out more about when you should talk to your GP and how to prepare for a GP appointment.

Finding support with professional referral

Leeds Mental Wellbeing Service provides support and therapies for common mental health problems, such as stress, anxiety, low moods and depression. The service can offer workshops, a range of online support options, face-to-face sessions and group classes such as Stress Control Classes. If you are over 17 years of age, registered with a Leeds GP, you can self-refer on the service website. A number of questions will pop-up – these are to make sure you are being directed to the right service. You don’t need to see your GP to access this service although your GP will be updated about your treatment.

Leeds Dads is a voluntary organisation that brings dads in Leeds together. Leeds Dads hosts playgroups for dads and kids, organises social events and provides information and expert parenting support.

Partners and dads are encouraged to attend the following groups and one-to-one services: