Useful resources has lots of useful information about drinking and alcohol and some really helpful tips to help you cut back.

Drink Coach has advice if you are worried about your drinking including helpful tips to help you cut down and an app you can download.

If you’re aged 18 to 25 and worried that you or a friend is taking drinking too far, No Regrets Leeds has some helpful advice and support resources.

If you are pregnant and concerned about your drinking you can find local advice and support about alcohol and pregnancy. The Department of Health has published new guidelines for pregnant women in advising that no level of alcohol is safe to drink in pregnancy.

There can be a lot of pressure to drink at Christmas and other times of celebration – explore Forward Leeds.

Drinkaware has useful information about alcohol and drinking, including online tools that can help you understand your drinking, track your drinks and change your habits. The website also has information about UK guidelines and looks at the effects of alcohol on your physical and mental health.