Monday – Be kind to your mind

Do something that helps you relax or recharge today.

Take time out for an activity you enjoy or take a moment to breathe and shake out any tension.

Tuesday – Be kind to your body

Listen to what your body is telling you.

Did you sleep well?

Are you thirsty or hungry?

Do you need to stretch your legs?

Wednesday – Talk kindly to yourself

Notice your thoughts today.

How kindly do you talk to yourself? Would you talk to a friend in the same way? Be your own cheerleader today.

Thursday – Spread kindness

Find a way, however small, to spread some kindness.

Send a supportive message to a friend and share a positive post online.

Or, think about how you could help or be kind to a neighbour (respecting social distancing).

Friday – Be kind and generous to others, it makes you feel good!

Take time to thank and be kind to others today.

If they’ve given you space to walk past, served you in a shop, delivered your post … it’s good to notice and appreciate others. Or, do a small act of kindness to make someone smile.

Saturday – Be kind to the world

Be kind to the planet today.

Recycle and repair and try to use less water and electricity.

Have a go at upcycling – reuse something old to make something new.

Sunday – Be kind every day

Which activities did you try this week?

How did they make you feel? Decide on one or two that you could bring in to your everyday life – and keep doing them!

Use your mobile to set a daily reminder to do one act of kindness a day – for yourself. What will you do?