Involving people in change

Changing community mental health services in Leeds is costly and involves a wide range of organisations and individuals across the city.

The work is funded by a major investment of public money, so having the right governance system in place is vital. We have a duty to make every £1 count and account for every £1.

The Transformation Delivery Oversight Group is responsible for the day – to – day planning and delivery of the new integrated community mental health services and is doing this through several workstreams responsible for different aspects of the programme.

The group is overseen by the Transforming Community Mental Health Programme Board, which:

  • checks the programme is being delivered in line with NHS England requirements as well as local strategic aims and priorities and challenges when needed
  • ensures the programme runs smoothly by:
  • identifies any actions taken to mitigate risks
  • escalates issues or barriers to the relevant partner organisation if needed
  • has an overview of funding and how it is spent
  • provides the system leadership necessary to champion and drive the transformation across Leeds.

Board membership

The following organisations have representatives on the board, which meets every two months and is chaired by Dr Alison Best, a member of the West Yorkshire Integrated Care Board (ICB) (Leeds)