Thinking about how to solve your problems can feel impossible when you are stressed. When overwhelmed with feelings, our brains struggle to come up with solutions.

A debt or financial advisor can offer you support for free. They can help you to develop solutions and an action plan to solve the problems that you are facing.

Take back some control

To help you take control, it is important to break down money challenges that you are struggling with into smaller, more manageable chunks.

  1. First, identify each financial problem.
  2. Then deal with each problem, one at a time.
  3. The next step is to identify possible solutions. Consider the benefits and challenges of each solution. This will help you identify the most suitable and realistic solution.
  4. Make a plan of the actions that you need to take.
  5. After you take steps to make a change, review how the actions have gone, celebrate the small wins, and make necessary changes as you go.

Problem-solving in this way may help you to take back some control and feel like you are dealing with your financial problem.

Self-help resources

Or you could try finding your own solution using our resources on facing your fears and problem-solving: