Nature is all around us: even in the busiest of cities there can be parks, green areas, trees, birds, insects and more. Noticing nature can help us be more mindful and give our mood a boost.

Litter picking, planting trees, group walks, trips to the countryside or coast, growing seeds, exercising outside, practising mindfulness, photography groups… if you want to connect with nature, the possibilities are endless! Many of us have appreciated nature more during Covid-19 restrictions, and there are lots of ways we can still enjoy the great outdoors and boost our wellbeing as the rules are changing.

Our 7 nature themes and resources

For Mental Health Awareness Week 2021, we ran a Connect with Nature campaign. The resources we created are perfect to use if you want to support your mental health by enjoying nature. You can start with our Connect with Nature 7 day planner and then use our 7 nature themes and resources for a week.

7 day planner