There are lots of places you can experience the natural world in Leeds, from city parks and local green spaces to larger attractions. You might want to find a place local to where you live, work or study, or arrange to meet a friend for an afternoon out somewhere new.

The Leeds City Council website has details of parks, green spaces,nature reserves and areas to visit around the city, including location, car parking, bus routes and what you can find there.

Leeds List has ideas for walks in green spaces in the local area, including:

Visit Leeds is another website with ideas for places to visit, including:

  • parks and gardens in Leeds and the surrounding area
  • a list of tours you can join, some free and some have a charge – they might be more focussed on the city, rather than parks or greener areas
  • maps and trails, covering heritage, history, industry and green spaces

The Canal and River Trust can suggest places to visit for walks or cycling, and details of how being by water can benefit our wellbeing.

Outside Leeds, there are websites to help you find parks and green spaces around the UK.

National Parks has information and links to all the UK national parks, such as the Yorkshire Dales and Lake District.

Free Parks has details of playgrounds and parks across the UK – you can search by local area.

Farm Garden website allows you to search by post code or city for urban farms or organisations offering farming or gardening groups and workshops.