We all remember learning as a child and being encouraged to be curious about the world around us. As adults, we sometimes forget that learning can be fun and doesn’t have to be work-related.

Having a mind open to knowledge and experiences can have great benefits for everyone, no matter what age we are.

It can help us to:

  • develop new skills or interests
  • increase our skills and knowledge in an area we’re already interested in
  • challenge ourselves and meet a goal, such as learning a language, fixing the garden gate, earning a certificate or cooking a meal
  • meet people with similar interests and make new friends
  • explore new places, especially if we’re going to a class or finding resources to use

It might also help our wellbeing by:

  • developing our self-confidence and self-esteem
  • focussing our mind, maybe even practising mindfulness or relaxation as we concentrate
  • being less stressed or worried as we’re engaged in new activities
  • enjoying what we’re doing and maybe boosting our mood too
  • expressing ourselves in new ways, especially if we’re learning something creative – singing, acting, writing, painting, dancing or arts and crafts can all help us in this way