General wellbeing groups and activities

Being You Leeds provides groups, activities and training and awareness sessions for community wellbeing across Leeds.

Regular wellbeing groups and activities – explore the diverse range of wellbeing groups and activities available online or in your local community.

Creative groups and activities

You can find a wide range of organisations in Leeds that can help you to enjoy arts activities, events, workshops and classes.

Exercise and physical activity groups

Explore free or low-cost ways to exercise more in your local area.

Outdoor groups and activities

There are also gardening and allotment groups around Leeds, which encourage people to get together to grow and nurture plants, develop their garden care skills, get some exercise and have a chat.

Peer support groups

Peer support brings together people with similar experiences so that they can help and support each other. Joining a support group can help you to develop effective ways of coping in a safe, friendly and supportive space.