Peer support brings together people with similar experiences so that they can help and support each other. Joining a support group can help you to develop effective ways of coping in a safe, friendly and supportive space.

How to find peer support or support and activity group in Leeds

Many groups are facilitated by people who work in mental health services or volunteers with their own experience of mental health problems. Groups may focus on talking about mental health or an activity that improves your wellbeing and offer advice and information.

Social or activity groups give you the chance to meet like-minded people, make friends and try activities you enjoy.

Some of the groups for parents have more emphasis on mental health than others but all focus on the wellbeing of parents in one way or another. If you’re feeling low or struggling with your mental health, there are likely to be other parents at all these groups who are feeling the same way you do. Please note: none of these groups offer crisis support. If you feel like you cannot cope and need urgent help please go to Need urgent help?

Carers’ groups are peer support, support or activity groups for people who are helping a friend or family member due to their illness, disability, mental health issue or a substance misuse problem, but are not paid to help. 

Explore other wellbeing activities and peer support groups in Leeds

Creative groups and activities

You can find a wide range of organisations in Leeds that can help you to enjoy arts activities, events, workshops and classes.

Explore creative activity groups

Outdoor groups and activities

There are also gardening and allotment groups around Leeds, which encourage people to get together to grow and nurture plants, develop their garden care skills, get some exercise and have a chat.

Explore outdoor activity groups

Physical exercise groups and activities

If you’re looking to improve your mental health or wellbeing through exercise or moving more, you’ve come to right place. Explore the range of free or low-cost physical activity groups and activities available in your local community.

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Regular wellbeing groups and activities

Take a step towards prioritising your mental wellbeing and explore the diverse range of wellbeing groups and activities available online or in your local community.

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