People can develop a range of poor sleeping patterns and problems which can disturb their sleep. These can include:

  • going to bed feeling very tired but being kept awake by worries and thoughts that won’t go away
  • falling asleep very quickly but then waking up and being unable to go back to sleep
  • waking several times during the night
  • napping during the evening and then finding it very hard to fall asleep when going to bed
  • waking up feeling very tired after having a night of very poor or light sleep
  • being woken by distressing nightmares or waking with an intense feeling of terror about an unknown danger (called night terrors) which can make you scream or hit out at someone – severe nightmares can be linked to stress, an upsetting situation, trauma or possibly medication
  • Sleep apnoea is a common condition where normal breathing is interrupted during sleep causing someone to snore very loudly or gasp or snort – talk to a GP if you think you may be experiencing this condition